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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dear Reader, Ways You Can Help

Your readership means the world to me. As previously posted, without readers a blog is just a journal open to the (uninterested) public.

There are a few easy ways to help out. One is to "follow" by clicking on the "follow" button at the top or side of the blog. It will walk you through an easy process in a couple of minutes. This may help in the publishing process one day.

Another way is to "share" this on facebook, twitter, or any social media.Just click one of these options under the "share" button, top or side of the blog, or beneath the post you want to share. This is a great way to get the word out, as you have friends and contacts that I do not. Your personal recommendation makes it much more likely that people will check it out. This can be done for individual post (beneath each post) or the blog as a whole (side or top of the blog). You can do this as often as you choose.

Another easy way is to click on the VOTE button in the right column. This is a blog writer award system that gets the blog additional attention. You can do this as often as you choose.

These are small things that take a minute of your time, but can really help grow the readership of this blog.

Thanks for taking a moment to read this.


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  1. Thanks to those of you who read this. Thanks too to those of you who took a minute to follow through to follow, share or vote. It really showed a difference. Remember you can do this at any time, and as often as you desire. You are the best! Steve